Video Of Petros Picking UCLA

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video of Petros picking UCLA to beat USC

This video comes from Fred Roggin’s “The Challenge” which can been seen on the NBC network in the Los Angeles area right after the conclusion of Sunday Night football.  In the segment Petros talks about the cross town rivary game coming up and picks UCLA to win versus USC, but that is the least interesting part of the video.  Petros also states the following.

* USC was not overrated, they have underachieved.  Big distinction there.

* Would have been better for Matt Barkley and Lane Kiffin if Matt went to the NFL after his junior year.

* USC has shown nothing on the road…. Petros reiterates, NOTHING with emphasis.

* Talks about how ugly and hateful this game will be, states UCLA will come out with their hair on fire dead set on beating SC.

* In response to Fred Roggin’s statement that it would be a dagger to Matt Barkley if SC does not win this game, Petros states, “Look it’s already had been a big disappointment for Matt.”

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