UCLA vs USC Highlights In HD

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UCLA vs USC highlights in HD

Let me state one thing right off the bat, while I wanted to see Matt Barkley’s face buried on the turf as much as the next person, the last thing I wanted is for him to be injured in anyway.  I sincerely hope his shoulder injury is not too serious and Matt goes on to have a pro career that will have him flourishing as much as his talent allows it to.   Yes, I know he was smuggy like the Los Angles air quality during the 50-0 debacle last year but to wish an injury on a kid who is playing a game because of his previous childish bragger is incomprehensible.   Also for Damien Thigpen, young man has been through quite a lot when it comes to injuries and I hope that he makes a full recovery for next year from the torn ACL he suffered during the game.  With Jetski gone we need Damien as much as anyone and if he is still able recover enough to play football for the bruins during the 2013 season, it will be a great news for the bruin nation.

Now to the highlights of the game itself.  Due to the number of request from the facebook site as well as my last post (I deleted the pending comments but read all of them), I decided to break down the highlights into 4 quarters with each quarter containing significant plays that either turns the momentum around or lead to a score.  Chances are the segment that you requested to have it encoded in HD will be included in the quarter in which it happened.   Also, the supposed post game interview in which Coach Mora got emotional is uploaded in this post as well, but I actually find Joey Harrington’s comments to the interview more interesting than the interview itself.

Great game and GO BRUINS!

1st Quarter Highlights

2nd Quarter Highlights

3rd Quarter Highlights

4th Quarter Highlights

Post Game Interview With Coach Mora and Joey Harrington’s Reaction

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  • Still so so happy.

    bruinm November 19, 2012 5:21 am
  • Heard from Flash himself that it was his MCL, not ACL

    Joebruinlifts November 19, 2012 5:38 am
  • Thank you for the clips! I would totally do you if I could right now. Shit, did I really just type that? GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!!

    ValleyBruin November 19, 2012 6:51 am

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