Tosh Lupoi and Eric Kiesau Are On A Boat!

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tosh lupoi and erik kiesau off to washington, cal raped.

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Tosh Lupoi is on a boat, Eric Kiesau is on a boat
Everybody look at them
‘Cause they are sailing on a boat
Tosh Lupoi is on a boat, Eric Kiesau is on a boat
Take a good hard look
At the motherfucking boat

Tosh Lupoi is on a boat motherfucker, take a look at him
Straight flowing on a boat on the deep frozen sea
Busting five hundred k, wind whipping out triple goose down coat
You can’t stop Tosh motherfucker, ’cause he is on a boat

Take a picture, Shaq, Tosh and Eric are on a boat
They drinking Nyquil champ ’cause it’s so freezing
Tosh got his eskimo swim trunks and his thermal flippie-floppies
Tedford about to flip burgers, Pendergast at Kinko’s
Straight flipping copies

Eric is riding on a dolphin, trying to do flips and shit
But that dolphin is frozen, getting everybody eyes all wet
But this is Seattle and this is warm as it gets
Tosh is on a boat, motherfucker, don’t you ever forget

Tosh is on a boat biiiiaaaaatttttch~

To get the Cal’s side on the Tosh Lupoi scandal click here.

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