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reeves nelson telling you his side of the story

Above is the embed video  interview NBC’s Fred Rogan conducted with Reeves Nelson (click on the pic or the readmore option next to the + sign at the bottom to view).  To summarize, Reeves denies pretty much every negative event referenced in the SI article by stating majority of the alleged victims in the article are his friends to this day, and that it’s an impossibility to be friends with another when you intentionally tried to  injure or torment them in the past.   Interestingly, Reeves also states that most of the “victims” referenced in the SI article  are the ones who reached out to him in support, and goes far as to give James Keefe’s willingness to go to lengths of taking the stand in a courtroom to defend him as an example of why he is innocent of all the allegations.

I don’t know, I am still not sold on his innocence at all on this issue but I  have to admit I tend to be very pessimistic when it comes to matters like this.   If you know me personally, you would know that anytime I view shows such as 20/20 or Dateline with an episode where someone is referenced as a potential perpetrator, I don’t even take the time to listen to the back story of the event.   Instead, within a split second of viewing a picture of a the alleged perpetrator I will say, “oh yeah that motherfucker is guilty as hell” and turn off the TV to leave the room while dropping the remote to the ground like a rapper dropping the microphone after a massive diss, and not just walking away from the room but walking away with a swag that can only be exuded by a man whose whole house is filled with nothing but high end IKEA furniture.  Listen don’t hate rather appreciate.    I would like to hear from the Wears Twins or Matt Carlino on their side of the story on this issue but I get the sense that they are the type of kids who do not want to get involved in stories like this.  Whatever man.  *drops the mouse to the ground with swag and walks away to the toilet to take a giant deuce…… with swag.*

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