Pros and Cons : Jim L Mora

pros and cons jim l mora

Jim L Mora is now in his fifth year as the UCLA football head coach, so what are his pros and cons?


  • One of the few non Asians who has the ability to look 10 years younger than his age.


  • Can yell at you about anything while dramatically pointing at any direction.


  • Grey hairs are afraid to be near his facial intensity.


  • Press conference are entertaining like playing Slender Man is entertaining.


  • Out of all Pac 12 football coaches he is the mostly likely to get swiped right on Tinder.



  • 2019 punter recruits are already shitting themselves.


  • Film crew getting sick of arriving early to the game to film his pregame cardio workout.


  • Tears him up inside that he can’t go off on a reporter for asking if UCLA can make the playoffs.


  • Fiercely staring at reporters often causes energy deficit resulting in faint spells.


  • His minimalist facial features makes his happy smile almost indistinguishable from his angry scowl.


  • One of only three people in existence that Bill Snyder refers to as “that mother fucker”.



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