New UCLA 2012 Football Uniforms???

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new ucla 2012 football uniforms by adidas?

One of our players is injured?  Whatever.  We signed a new stud recruit?  Who cares.  We might have a different shade of blue on our football uniforms? WHAT! WHERE? HOW? WHEN?

Let’s start with the possible away/alternative uniforms on the left with the similar design as our last years disastrous all white unis, with the exception of darker navy pants and numbers.  Aesthetic wise it’s a pretty damn good looking uniform, however you can’t help but notice that it looks exactly like the Arizona wildcats uniform minus the red stripes.   What?  Shhhhhh…….. Ixnay on the Bearsay.  Berserk-lies have great paranoia about us taking their stuff and making it our own, we do not need to give them more ammunition.

As for the home unis on the right, I kind of like the  darker shade of the powder blue and matted gold colors utilized, and while traditionalist are still going ape shit over bringing back the old shoulder stripes, I prefer the shortened modern version seen in the photo over the traditional ones that stretches all the way over the shoulder pads.  However, I will say this again that those damn techfit technology need to be gone and it needs to be gone quick.  I have not seen anyone with the shape of number 64 wearing that tight of a clothing on their body since my last trip to Tijuana red light district.  And don’t get me started on number 26’s pants.

What do you think?

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