Myles Jack vs Arizona Highlight (HD)

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  • Myles Jack once took a knee in a victory formation… It was a 38 yd gain.
  • Myles Jack once bullied Richie Incognito into quitting football.
  • Myles Jack once scored a touchdown during a timeout.
  • Sean Covington didn’t overthrow Myles Jack, the ball just ran away from Jack out of fear.
  • Mora told Myles Jack to write up a game plan on beating Arizona, Myles just wrote his name on a piece of paper and turned it in.
  • Richie Incognito once left Myles Jack a voicemail, it stated, “Hi Myles… I am a big fan..”
  • Sandra Bullock made it to earth in “Gravity” not because of luck & perseverance, but because Myles Jack told her to get the hell down here.
  • Johnny Football once wore Myles Jack jersey to USC frat party.
  • Usain Bolt is not running races, he is running away from Myles Jack.
  • Sharks all gather for a week to watch the”Myles Jack Week” on discovery channel.

Click on the pic of the orgasmic Arizona fan above or the “read more” next to the plus sign below to be taken to Myles Jack… The Man, the myth, the everythang.

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