Alternative Uniforms for UCLA?

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presentation for alternative uniforms for UCLA football

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I received the above picture in my mailbox from a reader with the original link to where he found the picture (credits to SuperBruinMan on Bruingold).   Picture seems to have been taken from the outside looking in on a presentation about what the alternative uniforms for UCLA will look like for the upcoming 2012 football season, with two all black uniforms (one with blue stripes and one with gold stripes).   Suffice to say, I can’t tell the details of what the concepts for the alternative unis looks like due to the quality of the images of the picture but am I wrong in thinking that they look exactly like my black and gold uniform concepts? Am I wrong on this?

Did one of my readers print out my sketches and present them to the UCLA board?  Not that I mind, I actually thank you for doing the dirty work, either way, go bruins!

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