African American football fans still can’t identify Christian McCaffery

Latest survey conducted by PIW has confirmed our suspicion that African American college football fans are still having a difficult time identifying Christian McCaffery.   The result of the study showed that majority of the subjects seem to know the general idea of Christian McMcaffery.  About 85% of the subjects knew that McCaffery is a white running back, about 70% knew that he was of Caucasian decent, and about 67% knew that he played for Stanford.   However, only about 7% of the subjects were able to identify Christian McCaffery out of a Stanford Cardinals football group photo.

“There are so many white players” said one subject of the study.   ”I don’t want to sound racist but they seriously all kind of look alike.  I means these Stanford players all kind of look alike, does that mean I am racist?” stated another African American subject in the survey while breaking down emotionally.